Entry #42

I got the greatest idea in my life!!

2009-09-30 08:35:24 by MegaSwedenBoT

I know I havent been so active here.. but thats cuz my computer is broken.. (im on my sister laptop now)

Anywayz, I have a great idea! Im going to make millions! Heres the idea. I make a drug or sumthing thats like cigarettes.. you need more and more.. adn then I make a pill that will help them stop! but the pill only works on sum people.. so then I make another pill that works on all of them. So if 5 million people take the drug I will make money. then they buy the pill.. but it only works on 3 million people. So they buy the other pill..

If I sell the drug for 50 sek* (5 dollars) and the pills for 50 sek and the other pills for 50 sek too.. I will make like... 75 million sek!! OMFG!! Im so smart!

*sek = swedish money (aslo called kronor)

I got the greatest idea in my life!!


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2009-09-30 08:43:26

...But first you need to find a drug that can be sold legally, is safe to take, people enjoy taking it, and people will eventually want to stop taking it.
Slight problem there.

You'd be better off just robbing a bank.

MegaSwedenBoT responds:

hmm.. youre smart. realy smart..

well, I go get the shotgun.. bank.. here I come!