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Move foward! Move foward!

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I realy like all these drawings you make!

I like the style, the idea with blue blood and not red, and all that! make more! I cant realy describe with words how .... wonderful that drawing is... in someway... its just wonderful.

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Drop the Bombs Drop the Bombs

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good job!

paint ya say? if it is paint then you are one GREAT artist! I can agree T-free with all the shadows and all that! that must have taken a LONG time to make. (am I right?)
going to my favvs!

MAKE MORE! 10/10 5/5

Hellstick responds:

Thanks alot! And yes, this did take an awefully long time to make. Especially the missile because of the perspective not to mention all the AAing that had to be done:P
Don't worry though! I'll submit some more art once I get it converted into gifXD