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I know I havent been so active here.. but thats cuz my computer is broken.. (im on my sister laptop now)

Anywayz, I have a great idea! Im going to make millions! Heres the idea. I make a drug or sumthing thats like cigarettes.. you need more and more.. adn then I make a pill that will help them stop! but the pill only works on sum people.. so then I make another pill that works on all of them. So if 5 million people take the drug I will make money. then they buy the pill.. but it only works on 3 million people. So they buy the other pill..

If I sell the drug for 50 sek* (5 dollars) and the pills for 50 sek and the other pills for 50 sek too.. I will make like... 75 million sek!! OMFG!! Im so smart!

*sek = swedish money (aslo called kronor)

I got the greatest idea in my life!!


2009-06-29 07:51:34 by MegaSwedenBoT

look at my art!

Im back!

2009-06-22 06:49:32 by MegaSwedenBoT

im back! it wuz fun!


2009-06-05 14:56:10 by MegaSwedenBoT

well.. Im going outside my beatiful country sweded and going on vacation (how to spell?) to ITALIA XD WITH MA BEST FRIEND :D

so.. when you read this im problary somewhere in italy !

wont be able to NG or internet in two weeks so... well.. only so you know :>

flash style

2009-06-04 10:44:02 by MegaSwedenBoT

I dont have my own flash drawing style :(
almost everbody have D:
Tom fulp
and all those animatiors D:

I want mine! Give me ideas!

Things to do:

2009-06-03 15:59:33 by MegaSwedenBoT

1. Collab entry
2. My flash
3. the pirate flash.. ( maybe D: )
4. Homework XD
5. sleep!

My flash :D

2009-05-28 10:30:25 by MegaSwedenBoT

I took a little pause from teh pirate flash and started on a new XD

heres a print! (of the preloader!)

My flash :D


2009-05-27 01:30:42 by MegaSwedenBoT

dont know what to do...

Something I thought would be fun :P

2009-05-26 12:54:38 by MegaSwedenBoT

I liked he idea bigmac got so I wanted to make one too :D

First of all! What should the charaters name be? I can be all from Paul to Penis :P

Something I thought would be fun :P

Zelda part 2..

2009-05-19 09:55:13 by MegaSwedenBoT

As I said I cut the serie in two part so you can see it better :)
Here you are :D

Zelda part 2..